Our Foot in Sectors

Product Design and Development
o Embedded Design and Development
o Industrial Automation
o Mechatronics Design and Development
o Avionics
o Web Design and development
o Innovating Logos

Training for Corporate Candidates as well as Academic Candidates
o Corporate Training
o Professional Training
o Value Added Training
o Industrial visits
o Implant training
o Technical Workshop
o Techno Motivational Program
o Faculty Development Program
o Project knowledge and guidance for students

Secret Of Success

o We grow our candidates with recent technologies by providing strong guidance as “How to be a performer?” and erasing the mindset of “How to get placed?”
o We feel proud to say that we produced more than 2500 Certified Professionals till date in the fields such as Embedded System, Automation, Robotics, Mechatronics design, Web solutions, Technical Tutor, Entrepreneurship, etc…

We never try to Educate our candidates instead we make them to Experience the technology.

What is E-D'Vision Lab?

E D’vision Lab is a part of Embuzz Technologies Private Limited Group specially launched to support Passionate Tech Learners (Academic Students, Engineering Graduates and Fresher candidates) to gain their Practical Experience with Excellence.

E D’vision Lab provides excellent practical skills in Recent Trendsetting Technologies like Embedded System, Robotics, Mechatronics, Avionics Design and Development sectors to the candidates of respected areas for very economical price, by Industry experienced and well qualified trainers.

As we know, now a day’s Professional Training Programs are too costly to learn for the candidates. And they too are learning because of the cause “Placement” but not even think of the word “Performance”. So here we have to notice here is the Interested (Passionate) Candidate is paying a huge amount for gaining skills and pushing their parent to Interest (Loan) after losing their money. So here E D’vision Lab encourages “Fa(re)ir Sharing” Concept to the Candidates who are passionate to improve additional skills their profession.

Why Industry Certification is required?

Industry Certification can lead your technical Skills to a better visibility and creates more opportunities in core sectors in the dream field such Embedded Systems/Robotics/Automation/Mechatronics Design Engineer/Civil Designer, etc... In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important.

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