Warm Greetings from Embuzz Technologies Private Limited!!!

Founded In 2010, Embuzz Technologies Private Limited started specially for innovating new experience in the expertise technologies such as IOT, Automation, SCADA, Embedded Systems (Using Various Micro Controller Units), Robotics, Computer Aided Design and Development, Communication Devices (Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Ble, RF, IR, RFID and many more), Biometric Interfaces, Mechatronics Designing, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Web Design and Development, Domain Hosting, Image and Video Acquisition and Many more. The Aim is to provide excellent services to our customer for our products and relevant guidance for our candidates (Freshers, Job Doers and Seekers As Well As Interested Students) to enhance their skills and grow with us.

Our secret of success and our strength is, we never try to convince our customers with “Quantity” but “The Quality”.

Join with us!!! Have a great experience!!!

We are always preferred to be Unique from Other's Methodology and Thats Our Strength Too!!!

"Embuzz" is a brand of quality. We are one among the best companies in India. We have separate Development Unit and Training unit for Sensor Development / IOT / Embedded Systems / Robotics / Automation / Mechatronics / Image Capturing and Security / Web Design and Development. We always include Smart and Experienced Professionals to Serve Our Clients. To be Honest, Rather keeping financial target we always prefer client satisfaction as our prime target.

Why Embuzz?

Embuzz Technologies Private Limited is a corporate registered concern. The quality of training is too good. We have only 5+ years experienced and Technically sound candidates for development division as well as our training division. We always have updated syllabus so that bench candidates will be more confident to perform in the respective technology, rather blindly searching for jobs. Our Certification is truly valid because we won't certify the candidates unless our engineers get satisfied with their performance. We just see the certification as a paper. Because the candidate perform well then the certificate and the concern will automatically get reputation. We will never compromise our clients, Client satisfaction is more important for us.
Development is our Profession!!! Training is Our Passion!!! and Thats the brand value of "Embuzz".

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